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On the left of this screen, scroll down and click on our Donation Page.  At the bottom of the donation page are OreCat’s Paypal donation buttons! Click and help donate a Guardian Dog to a subsistence farm family as a guard dog and hiking companion today! Help people co-exist with their cougars!


In honor of a woman who loved the wilderness, Oregon Cougar Action team sends out their condolences to Diana Bober's family, friends, and co-workers. Please be a part of the healing by donating using the paypal link on the left, for Oregon Cougar Action's Team Guardian Dog Livestock Protection Program. OreCat is gifting a Great Pyrenees/Maremma Livestock and Guardian Dog puppy to small subsistence farmers or people who want a hiking buddy in the wilderness. This program can also help protect Oregon's cougars and cougar kittens from being hunted down with hound dogs.

Oregon Action Cougar Team is counting on you to be the change Oregon needs to protect Oregon's cougars from being hunted down with the use of hound dogs and help Oregonians learn to coexist with their surroundings in the wilderness. 




To learn more about these amazing dogs and their wonderful breeder, Holly, visit them at: TONS OF NOISE FARM, 619-804-9058 or 541-226-3658. And on their Facebook at Homesteading Holly https://www.facebook.com/homesteadingholly/


If you want an application for a livestock guardian dog, please email orecat@yahoo.com and we will send you a form.



Here is a follow-up on the progress of our first puppy placement!  OreCat is very excited about placing more dogs to help protect livestock, cougars, and people throughout Oregon!




My name is Teri Crosby and a few weeks back, I attended your Ashland, OR meeting and received a livestock guardian puppy from your organization and I wanted to give you all an update.


Oh my goodness, she was a hit when she came home! We named her Kanzi, which is a newer apple variety.


She was in the house and a kennel and small yard for two days, because we quickly found out she could squeeze through just about the tiniest spot in our fence, and she only wanted to get back inside the house at first. 


We spent time fixing her up a nice small field with our youngest goats and moved her out to the barn and her young charges. 


So far, she has been great with all of the animals, there was a chicken who tried to escape the rain by running into her field during a rainstorm and Kanzi totally left it alone. Which was amazing since it was running around in the barn with her and the goats for a while. 


We've been taking her around all the pasture fences we have and she goes on rounds alongside all our fence lines so she knows what is hers. 


She has been doing great. She enjoys the goats, and all these goats were raised at the house so they all enjoy her also. Our older goats in another barn were a bit overwhelming and not as friendly, so that's why she is now with our younger stock while she is a puppy. They all snuggle up in the deep straw together since it's been cold and there is still snow on the ground. 


I want to thank you all so much for the opportunity and your program. Holly who raised her has done such a wonderful job creating a young pup who is so friendly with all the animals and now Kanzi is pretty happy with her yard and is not trying to go through anything now. This pup has been so easy to work with compared to our previous livestock dogs, and we've been so pleased with her and her attitude toward many kinds of livestock. 


She is growing a lot and eating quite well on grain free puppy chow, raw meats, and goat milk. To fortify her for the winter ;)


Again, thank you all so much. 


Teri Crosby






P.O. Box 2682
corvallis, OR 97339

ph: 503-743-2318






P.O. Box 2682
corvallis, OR 97339

ph: 503-743-2318