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  The greatest good for the greater part of the masses is to stop killing cougar. 


There is nothing in our Universe that indicates that humans are the only species for which to be blessed with the ability reason, think, and feel; indeed, there is growing evidence that is quite the contrary. Allyson Miller, 2019


Oregon Action Cougar Team is counting on you to be the change Oregon needs to protect Oregon's cougars from being hunted down with the use of hound dogs, and to help Oregonians learn to coexist with their surroundings in the wilderness.


About Oregon's Cougar Kittens:

    According to page 51 of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s 2017 Cougar Management Plan, it states that Oregon has approximately 3,300 adult cougars and not 6,000 or 7,000. The apparent balance, 4,309, are a hypothetical cougar kitten population count, day one up to two years.  Due to the high mortality rate of young wildlife, Fish and Game agencies do not count them in their population model counts. ODFW has singled out the cougar kitten, and unlike their deer and elk counts, has included the kitten in the adult population model count. ODFW does not count kitten mortality in their quota or harvest counts, yet kittens already dead or not yet born, are included in their cougar population model count. 

     By counting an apparent hypothetical number of kittens, ODFW and the hound hunters have willingly misled the public in a blatant attempt to make it sound like Oregon is full of cougars. When in fact, Oregon has no more adult cougar than any other state.  Adding fear and exploiting the cougar kittens for which to pass bills to kill cougar specifically with hounds, is not rational, nor is it honest. K-2 News investigative reporter discovered that ODFW is not telling you the truth about Oregon's cougar kittens.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=colv5FIZHrw



OreCat's Livestock Guardian Dog Program: 

Cougar Action's Team Guardian Dog Livestock Protection Program. OreCat is gifting a Great Pyrenees/Maremma Livestock and Guardian Dog puppy to small subsistence farmers or people who want a hiking buddy in the wilderness. This program can also help protect Oregon's cougars and cougar kittens from being hunted down with hound dogs. 



To learn more about these amazing dogs and their wonderful breeder, Holly, visit them at: TONS OF NOISE FARM, 619-804-9058 or 541-226-3658. And on their Facebook at Homesteading Holly https://www.facebook.com/homesteadingholly/


If you want an application for a livestock guardian dog, please email orecat@yahoo.com and we will send you a form. This pup was gifted to a farmer in Southern Oregon.



On the left of this screen, scroll down and click on our Donation Page.  At the bottom of the donation page are OreCat’s Paypal donation buttons! Click and help donate a Guardian Dog to a subsistence farm family as a guard dog and hiking companion today! Help people co-exist with their cougars!



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